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Email Analytics

3.3 hours
All Levels

An Email Analytics Workshop is a training session that teaches …

What you'll learn
Understanding email open rates and click-through rates
Analyzing email conversion rates
Using segmentation and targeting to improve email performance
Tracking email deliverability rates
Monitoring bounce rates and identifying potential issues
Using A/B testing to optimize email content and CTAs
Identifying and addressing email list churn
Analyzing subscriber engagement over time
Measuring the impact of email campaigns on website traffic and sales
Using email analytics to inform overall marketing strategy.

Emails & API

1 Lesson
2.6 hours
All Levels

An Emails & API Workshop is a training session that …

What you'll learn
Setting up email integration with an API
Using APIs to send automated emails
Integrating email tracking and analytics with APIs
Email validation and verification using APIs
Sending and receiving emails using RESTful APIs
Creating and managing email templates with an API
Managing email lists and subscriptions through APIs
Using APIs to integrate email marketing platforms
Implementing email authentication and security with APIs
Building custom email workflows with APIs.

Emails for SaaS

3.7 hours
All Levels

I. Introduction Definition of SaaS businesses and startups Importance of …

What you'll learn
Onboarding emails to guide new SaaS users through the setup process
Triggered emails based on user behavior, such as abandoned carts or incomplete actions
Personalized email campaigns to upsell and cross-sell existing SaaS customers
Product update emails to inform users of new features and improvements
Renewal and upgrade reminder emails to encourage continued use of the SaaS product
User engagement and retention campaigns to reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value
Educational content and resources delivered via email to help users get the most out of the SaaS product
Promotional campaigns to attract new users and grow the SaaS customer base
Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback emails to gather insights and improve the SaaS product
Account security and privacy-related emails to build trust and transparency with SaaS users.

Email Marketing & Business Intelligence

2 Lessons
2.5 hours
All Levels

The Email Marketing & Business Intelligence workshop is designed to …

What you'll learn
Segmentation and Personalization in Email Marketing
A/B Testing for Email Campaigns
Using Customer Data to Improve Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Email Deliverability Best Practices
Predictive Analytics in Email Marketing
Integrating Email Marketing with CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms
Email List Growth Strategies and List Management Best Practices
Email Marketing and GDPR Compliance
Email Marketing and Data Privacy Best Practices.

Email Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

2 Lessons
3.5 hours
All Levels

The Email Marketing & Artificial Intelligence workshop is designed to …

What you'll learn
Automated Personalization in Email Marketing using AI
Email Subject Line Optimization with Machine Learning
Predictive Analytics for Email Marketing
AI-powered Email Content Optimization and Generation
Automated Email List Segmentation using Machine Learning
AI-driven Email Marketing Campaign Optimization
Chatbots and AI in Email Marketing
AI-powered Email Open and Click-Through Rate Optimization
Email Marketing and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
AI-powered Email Deliverability and Spam Filtering

Technical Email Marketing

3.3 hours
All Levels

The Technical Aspects of Email Marketing workshop is designed to …

What you'll learn
Email Service Providers (ESPs): An overview of the most popular ESPs and how to choose the right one for your needs.
Email Authentication: Understanding email authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to ensure email deliverability and prevent phishing attacks.
Email Design: Best practices for designing effective and visually appealing emails, including responsive design for mobile devices.
HTML and CSS for Email: Tips for coding email templates using HTML and CSS, taking into account email client limitations.
Email Deliverability: Strategies for improving email deliverability, such as maintaining a clean email list, avoiding spam filters, and improving sender reputation.
Email Tracking: How to track email opens, clicks, and other user actions using tools such as tracking pixels and UTM parameters.
Email Automation: Setting up and managing automated email campaigns using tools such as drip campaigns and triggered emails.
Email APIs: Using APIs to integrate email marketing tools with other applications and systems, such as CRMs and e-commerce platforms.
Email Personalization: How to personalize email content based on user data, such as past purchases or browsing behavior.
Email Testing: Best practices for testing email campaigns, including A/B testing, previewing emails across different email clients, and testing for accessibility

Email & Chatbots

3.3 hours
All Levels

The Email & Chatbots Workshop is an interactive and practical …

What you'll learn
How email marketing can benefit from chatbots
How to integrate chatbots into email marketing campaigns
Best practices for designing chatbots for email communication
Ways to improve customer engagement with chatbots in email and chat platforms
How to personalize chatbot responses in email and chat platforms
Strategies for measuring the effectiveness of chatbots in email and chat platforms
Common mistakes to avoid when implementing chatbots in email and chat platforms
Emerging trends in the use of chatbots in email and chat platforms
How chatbots can improve internal communication within organizations through email and chat platforms
The impact of chatbots on the future of email and chat communication.

Email Marketing & Big Data

3 Lessons
2.9 hours

The Email Marketing & Big Data Workshop is a training …

What you'll learn
Personalization strategies in email marketing using big data
Leveraging customer behavior data to improve email campaigns
Using big data to optimize email deliverability and open rates
Analyzing email engagement data to improve email content and design
Applying predictive analytics to identify the best time to send emails
Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of email campaigns using big data
Using big data to segment and target email campaigns to specific audiences
Leveraging data to improve email list hygiene and reduce spam complaints
Incorporating social media data into email marketing campaigns
Using machine learning to automate and optimize email marketing efforts.